The no job, not in school grind

Once you graduate high school every one expects you to be ready to move on to the next bigger and better thing. To have this incredible plan for a successful future. Sometimes, that may even include taking a break from school and waiting  a few months or years to go to college. which is fine because that was my plan, well kinda. I had a job right out of high school working at a yogurt shop. But after the summer ended I got fired, for what remains a mystery because apparently there’s a law that states the employer does not have to tell the said employee who is getting laid off the reason as to why. Any who getting off track, after I got “laid off” I decided I’m going to continue with my plan to take a break, not only from school, no, from adulthood, growing up, actually just life in general.Yes I figured whats the rush to be successful as long as I have my plan I can execute it whenever I want. So this idea was going great I could hang out with friends whenever I wanted, I could wake up at two in the afternoon, and I could waste my time doing pointless things on the internet like finding everyone in my family’s zodiac sign. But then it hit me, while I was on twitter (wasting time) reading all of my high school peers tweets about how fun college life is and what their dorm looks like that maybe, and I mean a hard maybe my “idea” this life break wasn’t the greatest plan I have ever had. I mean I am a young full of potential yet job less 18 year old not registered for any college courses at all living with my mom. yeah not as fun and or cool as it might sound. But the worst is not having any money. It completely sucks to be like yeah no I can’t go here or do this because I decided to take a break and have no form of income so I can’t do anything. It’s pretty much like being a rat who went inside a box of expectations where said rat thought there was going to be lots of cheese and no worries or stress while it did absolutely nothing. But in actuality the rat is trapped inside a dark and lonely box with no cheese  with no one to blame but its self. I “the rat” have figured that out and am now trying to slowly gnaw myself out of the box back into reality where I can have a life and success and MONEY. But to do that I have to do adult things like apply for jobs and colleges and finical aid and even though its not how I wanted to be living at least it will get me where I want to go and out of this dang “box”.